Friday, August 12, 2011

Canning Peaches-Red Haven or Baby Gold!

I like to can Baby Gold Peaches.  My mother always canned Red Haven Peaches. 

What is the difference? 

 Baby Gold is a firm peach.  Red Haven is a soft, sweet peach. 

Baby Gold is a good canning peach.  They do not get squishy in the jar. 

Red Haven is a good freezer peach.  They are delicious frozen for shakes or mix them with blueberries and strawberries.

Yesterday, we did four bushels of Baby Gold peaches.  We averaged 22 quarts per bushel or a total of 91 quarts.  I usually dice my peaches.  Some people slice or halve them. 

In our house, canning peaches (or any other preserving of food) is a family affair.  The children (that are available) help.  Sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly!  We turn on Odyssey and work!  It is a nice memory.

I remember doing corn with my aunt and her family when I was little.  I don't remember the actual work, except maybe the husking. 

Hopefully my children will look back and remember canning as a good memory!

Do you have memories of big canning days?

What is your preference-Baby Gold or Red Haven?


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your baby gold peaches?

Frugal Pals said...

I ordered my Baby Gold Peaches from Carl Hawbaker who has an orchard. I paid $15/bushel.

Jennifer said...

I will be getting Red Havens from the local farm stand tomorrow to try making peach jam for the first time. I wouldn't use just canned peaches. I used Red Havens recently for my grandma's peach kuchen recipe and they were perfect!


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