Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Adventures in Odyssey!

Adventures in Odyssey is an audio series full of fun, drama, and lessons for ages 8-12.  The new #53 set of 4 cd's is titled "The Green Ring Conspiracy" and you can listen to the first episode for FREE(no longer available for free, now $1.99)!   Go here to download.  You also can buy the whole set or just pick and choose which episodes you want.  

If your children have never listened to these dramatized stories, now is a good time to begin.  Most stories are centered around "Whit", an older grandpa-type man full of wisdom and  lessons for the children that come into his ice cream shop-"Whit's End". 

Odyssey has entertained my children for many hours.  My 14 year old still listens to Odyssey everyday.

Do your children enjoy Adventures in Odyssey series?  Which is their favorite episode? 

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Michael & Lydia said...

We love Adventures in Odyssey! My kids have been begging for this set!! Do you know you can hear Odyssey every day mon thru fri at 4pm on WCRH 90.5FM radio?

Frugal Pals said...

Also on Sat. at 8:30am on the same station, you can listen to it too!


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