Thursday, August 26, 2010



Did you check out the new Five Below store?  It is a really nice store with all prices $5 and below.  If you need any last minute school supplies,  this store will have it.  Backpacks are only $5, compared to $9.99 and up other places.  There is a lovely display of books, esp. informative books that would be helpful for the homeschooler or just an nice addition to the home library.  There is books about dogs, insects, planets, presidents, and also pre-school workbooks for $2.  Looking for games, indoor or outside?  You can get it here.  Crayola products, cards for $.99, sport items, Ipod and electronic accessories, sunglasses, all for $5 and below.   It is located very conveniently beside Target on Walker Rd.
It is a worthwhile store to take the time to go to.                           

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