Tuesday, September 28, 2010


                             Wal-Mart            or               Aldi

Have you been to Aldi's lately?  I had the opportunity to go there and I was amazed.  Aldi's prices were cheaper than Wal-Mart!  I have heard some people go there but I seldom have.  I do not see a flyer from their store, so I don't know what could be on sale or if they have regular sales.  Anyway, I was there and I was impressed. 

I have my usual things I buy at Wal-Mart like flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc.  So those are some of the prices that I checked and I started buying.  Most was not that much lower, but still lower than Wal-Mart.  Let me give you a list-
                     Wal-Mart price               Aldi's price
Vegetable Oil        $2.28                             $1.89
Flour                     $1.58                             $1.47
Italian Bread          $1.65                             $.50(special)
Brown sugar          $1.48                             $1.29
Sugar                    $2.49                              $2.44

For the next three items, I could not find a Wal-Mart price.  But Aldi's prices seemed cheaper to me.
Flour Tortillas(10ct)                                     $.99
Pancake syrup                                            $1.49
Saltines                                                       $.79

One thing I do realize, and that is Aldi's does not have any brand name foods.  Most foods do not matter to me what brand it is except cereal.  I bought a box of Mini Wheats, Honey Bunches of Oats, and microwave popcorn.  I have heard that brand name foods and nonbrand name foods come from the same place.  If that is true, we all need to shop at Aldi's!

So what do you think of Aldi"s?  Do you shop there or are you like me, a little uninformed and short of time about Aldi's?  I would love to hear from you about it.


Janette said...

i was just there today and got no brand name 20 count assorted flavored chips and popcorn snack bags for 3.99 if i remember right wal-mart were something like 6.99-7.99

Mandy said...

I went to Aldi's today and they had bread for $.35 a loaf and bagged salad for $.25. Now the salad expireds on the 30th of this month, but I will put it in my tupperware and it will last for at least a week. The normal price for the bagged salad was $.45.


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