Friday, October 29, 2010

Dryer or Clothesline?

Today I did something  that I never do.  I hung some clothes outside on the clothesline.  My time is precious, so I usually use the dryer.  Today I wanted to speed up my washer and not wait on the dryer, so I hung these shirts on my clothesline.  Which is more frugal-the clothesline or the dryer?  Does the dryer use that much electricity?


Roger&Elaine said...

Allegheny power has this on their website.
Clothes Dryer (24-32 loads) 5,000 24 $8.40. I found that here.
My new dryer is 5300watts but it also has a sensor in it that shuts it off before the time is up, if the load is dry.

I also found this-

So...with a fairly new dryer, you probably spend $10.00 a month plus or minus. Is that worth your time? I also didn't use one for 2 years and we saw no noticeable difference in our bill. I guess it is equal to about 3 coffee's from starbucks,etc. Or 3 happy meals...

Roger&Elaine said...

And now I found something else that says i use 24.00 a month? Who knows!LOL! I need to take my sheets off the line.


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