Monday, November 8, 2010

My Grocery Cart

                                                        What I bought at Dollar General

                                                        4 Gold Medal Flour  $1.50 each
                                                        8 Jello $.50 each

                                                        Total spent $10.21
                                          Total saved $4.60

                                                          What I bought at Food Lion

                                                        Martin's Potato Bread $2.00
                                                        Post Honey Bunches of Oats $2.50
                                                        Nestle Quik $3.05
                                                        Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.00
                                                        FL Cheese Loaf $5.49
                                                        Edy's Ice Cream BOGO $2.50 each
                                                        Purina Dog Chow $6.99 (not pictured)
                                                        Purina Dog Chow $7.49(not pictured)
                                                        2 Charmin $4.49 each
                                                        Renuzit Free
                                                        Tide $7.99
                                                        Tide Stain Release $1.99
                                                        Crest Toothpaste Free
                                        Total spent $55.82
                                        Total saved $30.61

                            Total spent for the week $66.03
                            Total saved for the week $35.21
                            Total coupons used $10.50 

I made an extra stop at Weis Market on Sat. afternoon and got 4 bags of Candy Corn for $.25 each and a can of Mandarin Oranges for $.75.  That brought my total spent for the week up to $71.36 and my savings total up to $35.35.  (I don't know what I saved on the Candy Corn.) 

Sam's Club
2- 5 lb. bags of mozzeralla cheese
2 - 5 lb. bags of chedder
2 - 2 lb. colby cheese
1-5 lb. sliced american cheese
7.5 doz. eggs
30 lb. of potatoes
36 bottles of Mt Dew
2-64 oz pancake syrup
50- 1 oz individual bags of potatoe skins
1 box of 30 quaker oats granola bars
box of choc. donuts
box of 360 plastic silverware
4 boxes of crackers
Total $150.00
I am hoping to skip groceries a week unless I see a really good deal.

Every Saturday night, I take an Amish woman down to a neighboring Amish who sells produce at market.  He sells any leftovers in the evening.  I haven't been able to totally figure out their prices. I was told when I started, it was $.79/lb.  But she doesn't alway weight everything. Like in this picture, she didn't weigh the bananas and the small vegetable container.  For everything, I paid $20.00.  I got bag of carrots, bunch of bananas, 2 yellow and 2 green squash, bag of fresh mushrooms, bag of grapes, head of lettuce, and a fruit tray. The Amish lady, who I haul, always gives me some freshly baked goods.  This week, it was a loaf of bread, plus $5. I picked up an extra lady, so I got $10.  So really, I only paid $10 for my produce. I really enjoy having fresh produce each week.  Plus it is nice getting to know some of my Amish neighbors.

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