Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Groupon Shopping

Did you buy the $30 Groupon for the Gettysburg Outlets? 

I did.  Then after I bought my groupon, I had second thoughts. My younger sister had other activities and could not go along.

I wanted to go on Dec.4, so that I could join the Cash 4 Clothes.  My hunters were going to hunt that day, so it seemed the perfect time for me to shop.   My 7 year old daughter and I went and had a nice Mother-Daughter time.

Usually when I shop, I have an agenda.  This day I did also, but determined I wasn't going to hurry, scurry, through the stores.  We did have to keep moving, but I tried to let Adrianna look at some things without saying "Hurry up!" so much.  We also drove through part of the Gettysburg Battlefield and talked a little about the War. 

It would have been fun to have had time to go to Boyd's Bear Barn too.  But I wanted to come home to a tidy  house instead.  We have plans to go later.  Maybe during Christmas vacation.

 I took 10+ items to donate to the Salvation Army and recieved $10.  That brought my total spending money up to $40, which included my $30 Groupon (that I had paid $15 for) also.  When I have money like that to spend, I usually search pretty hard to try and get the most for it. 

I had a couple things in mind-dress pants for my two boys or Christmas gifts for my mother and mother-in-law.  My 14 year old is at that funny size of 29x30.  Sometimes, you can find it and sometimes you can't.  That was not very successful.

So I thought maybe we would buy some books.  No great deals there. 

I checked out the Legg's store for pantyhose and the price was not much different than I can get at WalMart.

One of the first stores we went into was The Christmas Tree Hill. It is a nice store and outside the door was some clearance items-50% off.  So after looking at all my other options, we came back to this store and spent my $40. 

                                                                  This is what I got. 

This nice birdbath was 50% off, regularly $39.99, which brought the price to $19.99.  I bought two of them.

                                                   I also got this for $1.75, regularly $3.49.

So my total at the Christmas Tree Hill was $44.39.  On the way home, I realized what a good bargain I had got and was very glad I went.  Even though, I missed an oportunity to help my sister-in-law with babysitting while she took her husband to the ER with appendicitus.  Sorry, Janette!

Let me explain my bargain.  I paid $15 and got $40 through Groupon and Cash 4 Clothes.  Out of pocket spending at the store was $4.39.  So in reality, I paid  $7.50 (+ tax) for each of my $40 bird baths! 

What do you think of my bargain?  I would love to hear what you got with your Groupon!

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