Friday, January 21, 2011

First Redo-A Way To Save

So I love to read blogs! Especially when people take what looks to me like old junk and turns it into some beautiful. Because we live in an old farmhouse that needs a lot of work, I dream of being able to
fix it up and making something of it. But we have to do it on a budget. So I have been looking to see what I could fix up that I already have. When I was housecleaning my bedroom the other day, I saw my nightstand.

When Ronnie and I got married ( soon to be 14 years in a few days) we bought a trailer with furniture. This was a piece that was in it. Never liked it but it served its purpose. So I thought, why don't I paint it and maybe it will look nice. So after 2 cans of spray paint I decided that the best way would be just brush paint it. So that is what I did.  Here is the fininshed results.
I want to see if I can find some new knobs to put on yet. (maybe on clearance at Lowe's)

What do you think? I would love to hear if you ever redid a piece of furniture?
Next project? A desk that I also aquired in the trailer of furniture.

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