Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kmart Doubling Coupons

Kmart is back with doubling coupons up to $2!  This is a good time to take your $1 or more coupons and save double!  The only requirements are you must have a Shop Your Way card and purchase $25 or more in grocery and drugstore merchandise.  (A Shop Your Way card generates points that you can redeem in store.)  Sound like a good deal?  I think it does. It is only for this week of Jan. 30-Feb.5, 2011.  They also have a couple coupons on the front of the flyer.  There is a $8.99 coupon for Charmin toilet paper(16 or 20 rolls).  Use your $1/2 coupon (which will double to $2/2 and pay as low as $.40/roll).  Not necessarily a stock up price, but a good price if you are getting low. Other coupons-

Nabisco Crackers (Ritz) $1.88 stack with coupon $1/2 (doubles to $2/2)
Oreo cookies $2
Pepsi 2 liter $.88
There is a limit of two for these items.

Other good items of note-
Homz 18 gallon tote $3.99 each
20 gallon tub $4
Hunt's Ketchup 24oz $1
Glad or Hefty Trash Bags $6.99 use Hefty coupon $1/2 (doubles to $2/2)
Hershey's Pieces or Drops $2.50 use coupon $2/2 (douples $4/2)

Take your coupon box to Kmart and have fun!! (Then come home and tell me about it!)

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