Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Menus for Two Weeks

The next two weeks are going to be crazy with the yard sale at Mowersville on the 16 and then mom's yard sale the next week, so I am trying to have enough meals in the freezer for this time.

Week 1
Leftover spaghetti
Chili, sweet rice, salad
Huntington chicken, peas
Tuna casserole, green beans
cheeseburgers and fries
roast and noodles, corn

Week 2
Lasagna, salad
Meatballs and baked potatoes, corn
Tater tot casserole
Ham Steaks, mashed potatoes,
cheeseburgers and fries
Huntington Chicken

What is on your menu this week?


Joanne said...

Sounds good!! and well organized!! I enjoy reading your post from someone who lives a little more like I do than some coupon sites.

Frugal Pals said...

Thsnk you for your nice comments. And yes, we are normal people!


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