Friday, July 29, 2011

Target Clearance!

I read yesterday on another blog (Family Friendly Frugality) that Target was having a clearance on toys.  So I went on a wild goose chase this morning and actually did find some toys still left.  I like to keep gifts in my closet for unexpected and expected birthdays.  As well as other times I want to give a gift.  This is what I found!

I spent $44.33 (before tax) and saved $71.69!
  Everything was about 75% off except the candles and the Our Generation Horse Care Kit.  Here is what I paid for each-

Candy Ring Maker-$4.77 CP   $19.09 OP
Designer Doggy-$4.57 CP   $18.29 OP
Nab-It Game-$4.98 CP  $19.99 OP
Our Generation Horse Care Kit-$12.73 CP  $18.19 OP(according to website)
Rustic Retreat Puzzle 1000 Piece in tin can-$1.98 CP  $7.99 OP
Yada Voice Recorder-$1.98 CP  $4.99 OP
3 Wolves-$1.12 CP  unknown OP Probably $2.50
2 Febreze Wood Wick Candle-$6.98 CP  $9.99 OP used 2-$2 coupons

If I calculated right, I saved 62%!

This is a date to remember!  Generally, Target will put on a large clearance on Toys at the end of July!

Did you join in this large toy sale?
What was your bargain?

OP means Original Price
CP means Clearance Price

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