Friday, August 20, 2010

Deals at Dollar General Store

- Shippensburg, Chambersburg,Pa-

25%off summer clothing, handbags, flipflops,

50% off garden items

    So while I was running to pick up peaches I headed over to the Dollar Gen. Store on Orchard Drive in Chambersburg. This is the third Dollar Gen. That I have been in recently and sure enough all their summer clothes were 25% off just like the Shippensburg store and the Norland store. So head out and see what you can find.

     While at one of the other Dollar Gen. Stores I found a nifty shelf organizer that I wanted to use to put my boys' clothes in so they didn't fall on the floor. But I wasn't sure of the size and the only ones were hot pink and they were $7. So the next Dollar Gen. Had brown ones! Perfect color for a boys' room with deer, but then the debate was = Do I spend the $7? I needed at least two. So I passed up again. At the third Dollar Gen. I caved! Brought them home and in spite of the $14, they work perfectly. Now the next debate is-- Should I buy a third one for socks???

(By the way, I normally don't run around to all the Dollar Gen.'s, but my husband as a liking for denim shirts and I found one at the first store and I was looking for more! :)

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Anonymous said...

A friend recently gave me a great tip for sock organization for all those gym socks or undies: use a grocery bag saver. The tube ones that have a draw string or elastic at both ends. Hang them on the inside closet door and in the morning your child just reaches in and grabs some. No more messy tangle of undies or bouncing ball of socks!


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