Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baltimore Thrift Shopping

Yesterday, my three sisters, my son's girlfriend, and I went to Baltimore thrift shopping.  We went in great anticipation of coming home with the back of my Suburban full of clothes and useful stuff.  I even had the back seat taken out so we would have lots of room. 

Now normally I love thrift shopping.  I love to dig around and get that good bargain.  I have found alot of good deals doing this.  Let me tell about Baltimore.

Yesterday we went to three stores.  The first store was Collins Ave. Thrift Store.  It had two color tags half price.  I found a few things there, probably paid a little more than I normally would.  I got a long sleeve button down shirt with deer on it for $7.  My son's girlfriend got 2 tupperware pieces for a couple dollars each.  I also got a cute rooster rug for $5.  The tag fell off and I was hoping it was half price (it wasn't) but now that I got it home I really like it.

The next store was The Salvation Army.  I did not find anything there.  Some of the others picked up a few things.  This store had green tags half price.  The selection was not as much.

The third store was Value Village.  On all holidays, this store has everything half price.  It is a big store with lots of stuff.   You could spend a couple hours checking everything out.  The only bad thing about the store was the restroom.  No more comments about that. 

There was a lot of people too.  In the morning, it is as busy as it would be on Black Friday.  We, thankfully, got there soon after lunch.  We had to wait for a cart, and the line to pay was long.  But til we were ready, it was getting cleared out.

This store had racks and racks filled with clothes.  Plus lots and lots of shoes.  If you've never been to one, you  can't imagine the stuff.  Furniture, clothes, toys, books, housewares, trinkets, small appliances, gloves, kids' clothes, linens, etc. 

I did not realize at first that all items were half price.  I would have kept that in mind when looking.  Here I bought a John Deere tractor with a wagon for $5.  I bought some shirts and sweatshirts, and a jacket for me, a pair of shoes etc. I could have looked some more but two of my sisters were sitting in the Suburban waiting for the rest of us.

All in all, it was a fun day.  I drove, which I like to do.  I had to turn around a few times, expecially on the way home.  We got to go through a tunnel two times because I missed my road.  Then I missed a sign.  So the joke on the way home was "I can read that sign!" or "Can you read that sign?"

Now,  the question is "Would I go again?"  My answer to that is "Probably not."  Your question is "Why not?"

Some people I have heard get alot of clothes.  That is good.  But apparently, my children are grown up enough, that it is harder to find clothes.  Plus, I have only one girl and I sew her clothes, so I wouldn't need much in that department.  Another reason could be because I went yard saleing some this year.  So maybe I didn't need enough to make it worth while. 

It cost us $40 for gas and tolls.  So in reality, for 5 of us to go, it was not costly.  It also was a very fun day.  We bonded and laughed, like we sisters normally do. 

It depends from which aspect you look at.  Friendship or lots of cheap clothes- not matter which- it was worthwhile to spend the day like we did.

What do you think?  Would you drive to Baltimore in hopes of getting a lot of good bargains?  Would love to hear your stories if you went.


Laura Martin said...

Of course I have to leave a comment on this post. :)
I, for one, LOVE Baltimore!! :) I think part of what makes me love it is that I don't do alot of yardsaling through the summer. I don't really feel like I have the time or energy to trapes all over the county every Saturday only to come home with a few things. I prefer to get a babysitter one or two days a year, tap on a couple friends shoulders.. and spend a fun day shopping with friends. I can usually find everything I need for the next year... I probably don't necessarily get all the quarter bargains that you would find by yardsaling all summer. But each to their own.. I like yardsaling too when I can fit it in. :)

Laura Martin said...

.. I'd love to know if that was the general concensus of all your sisters. Or did some of you like it more or less than others.. and what was the difference..

Frugal Pals said...

While I did seem to find more things than my sisters, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I think the older your children are it is harder to find clothes. Younger kids are at home more and probably don't have to look quite as nice as teens. Josh is an odd size so I have trouble no matter where I look. (29 x 32 pants size) You just can't find them. I didn't need much for Kyle and I didn't get Abby to nice black coats to wear to church for the next two years. Normally I would have just worn the same jacket school,church, town. But now she has more than that. So was the trip successful? I am still undecided. If my bread machine for $3 works maybe. Would I go again? Probably not. I would stick closer home. It was a very fun day with sisters though. Stacy


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