Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organizing My Work

We are well into the new year.  Have you gotten your house organized yet?  Or have you gotten your schedule up and running?

Most of us (I think) have to work at being organized with our time and money.  When the new year rolls around, we can read lots of articles, and books are promoted to help us to get organized in all areas.  I have read the articles. I have read "Tell Your Time".  I have Motivated Moms schedule downloaded to my computer.  I bought Grocery University to tell me how to save more on my groceries.  So I am all set to save money and organize my time better. 

Now you all know I have been working on saving money and I want to keep on learning how and looking for a good deal.

And if you know me personally, you will know that I need to work on organizing my time.  It is a little easier since I am not teaching school any more.  So a while back after reading "Tell Your Time", I came up with a very general schedule to be more organized.  Here it is-

Wash towels
Go to bank
Do bookwork
Tidy desk

Wash jeans
spend time in charity work or other big project

Finish laundry

Go to store
Mop kitchen floor

Sweep upstairs
Iron shirts

Clean rest of house

As I said, this is a very general schedule, but it is my goal to do it this way.  I also want to implement Motivated Mom's schedule to help me keep up with the little things that might not get done.

To refresh your memory, Motivated Mom has a daily schedule that you can print out and follow for everyday of the week.  It helps you to get the little things done regularly and helps you do the big jobs in little steps.  No more big housecleaning sessions again!  That's what I like!

"Tell Your Time" is an e-book that explains how to organize your time.  She will tell you how to prioritize your time. You can take her ideas and be as detailed or as general as you want to be.  It is an short and easy read.  Check it out here!

Grocery University is a downloadable audio course on couponing.  It includes a workbook and even a price list guide!  Go here to see more about it!

Tell me how you have started your new year in getting organized!

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