Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Blessing Today

For Thanksgiving, some people have Blessing Trees or Baskets.  For us online, we can't have a basket. So everyday until Thanksgiving Day, we will reflect on our day, and post a blessing or something we are thankful for. We would like you to join in and post your Blessings.  This was supposed to be posted last night, but for reasons we won't mention (younger sister!), it wasn't done. 

My Blessing-

Every year at Christmas, our school puts together school kits for the poor.  On the last day before Christmas vacation, the school children form assembly lines and put school items in a draw string bag.  This morning, a friend and I cut 135 bags out of fabric to be sewn by other mothers.  I was so blessed to be able to be involved in this project and in my school.
                                               -the older sister

I am Thankful-
                                                    Waiting to be seen by a doctor in Haiti
  Today I had to take Kyle to the doctor's and it turned into this long, drawn out affair.  My son (I was grouching inside!) started to complain about the length of time. When it dawned on me that over in
Haiti they don't have doctors. And if you are lucky you might get close to seeing one but only after walking many miles and then waiting all day. We take so many things for granted in the US. Something just as simple as seeing a doctor when your child is sick. I am so thankful that I can take my child to the doctor.
                                                                                                  -the younger sister

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