Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Advice for Little Sister From Big Sister!

I know this will sound a little rowdy and that is what you were trying to avoid.  But with some guidance, I think it might be a little helpful with the dark, rainy night behavior that is about to drive you insane.

1st idea-
   Move some furniture around to clear a large area. Make a 4 square section in  the middle of the open area.  Use a balloon or some other light weight ball to play 4 square.

2nd idea-
  This is very similar to the 1st idea.  Except put a long string across the floor or tape it to the wall to play "volleyball".  Use a balloon instead of a volleyball.

My boys have played alot of 4 square in the living room.

Another thing is basketball.  Basketball is not good for rainy nights, but if they have a light to play by, it can occupy them even when it gets dark early.  Knockout, Around the World, and Pig are some of the games to play with only a couple people.

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