Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandma Talk

You know, I don't feel like a Grandma.

1. I don't have false teeth.
2. I don't have gray hair.
3. I don't have bi-focals.

See...  I'm not a Grandma!  I'm only 43.  Pappy is 41.  Are we really grandparents?  Well, as of yesterday, in spite of not feeling like a Grandma- I am a Grandma!

Here are the pictures I promised you!  And she is a doll, just like her Daddy said!

                                                         Ardynn Olivia Diem

   Happy Parents!  Anthony & Ariel    

                                 Isn't little Ardynn sweet?

Now...  can you tell I am a Grandma?


rose said...

congratulations, she's sweet. wow, such a tiny little thing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grandma!!! What an adorable grandchild!! ~ Althea

Lydia H said...

not yet! You don't have enough pics yet!! LOL! I am sure you will grow into 'grandma' right quickly!

Anonymous said...

I love that last picture with her eyes open! She truly is a little doll :) Happy for you!

~Cheryl M.


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