Friday, November 12, 2010

A Way To Save

In my post, Are you a Dump Cook?, I talked about cooks that don't measure and just intuitively know how much of an ingredient is needed in a recipe.  Well, I have a time that I do dump.

My niece calls this time of dumping, "Slop Soup".  It is when I take a lot of leftovers from the fridge and "dump" them together to make soup.  Most times it is quite tasty.

I usually try to put meats, tomatoes, and pastas together and add a little tomato juice or sauce to make it a little soupy.  When putting chicken, macaroni & cheese, and any other white foods, add chicken bouillon or chicken soup.  If you put milk and tomatoes together, it can look a little curdly, but it still tastes good.

This is a good way to use up those 1-2 servings in the fridge that get left behind and might otherwise go to waste.  Another way to save those little bits is to put them in a small container in the freezer and when it is full, make soup out of them. 

What do you do with your leftovers?

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