Friday, November 12, 2010

Simple Seven Day Plan To Attract More Friends

by Mike Sigers

Friends 4 Ever
Friends Are The Key To A Successful Life

Want to sell more ? You need friends.

Want more links to your blog ? You need friends.

Want a better job ? You need friends.

Want to feel satisfied with your life ? You need friends.

I know of a guy who’s barely over 40 and heads a successful organization. Talented, fun, smart, etc., started with nothing.
His real genius seems to be in acquiring friends….everywhere. It’s not an accident that he can pick up a phone and call people in multiple states and get a favor. He counts his friends by the hundreds, not tens.
Not all of these friends are what you and I would classify as important. There are friends in high places and there are friends in low places. There are good friends, loyal friends, pretty friends, ugly friends, friends that wear suits, friends that wear jeans, friends that wear whatever they can afford, friends that wear silk, etc.

How Does He Do It ?
He recently outlined his system for someone and I’m going to outline it for you …right here, right now.
Pay attention, try it for one week, one month, whatever you feel like, but please come back and let me know how it worked for you.

Day One – Write a letter, email or not to someone you haven’t written in a long time. No phone calls, that’s later. It’s gotta be handwritten.

Day Two – Smile more. Be conscious of the expression on your face for the whole day. If this doesn’t work immediately in getting someone to speak to you or smile back, you need to take a smiling class, ’cause you apparently aren’t very good at it.

Day Three – Say something really kind about someone you know. Want to accelerate the process ? Say something nice about 5 or 10 people.

Day Four – Call up someone you’ve just met and would like to know better. Invite them to lunch and go to their favorite restaurant.

Day Five – Find someone who is lonesome or neglected. Invite them to go somewhere with you. Yes, this one’s tough, but it’s worth it.

Day Six – Encourage someone to talk about himself/herself. Draw out something they’ve never told you about. Pay attention to them as they talk.

Day Seven – Talk to a stranger during the day. Stop walking. Really listen when you ask how they’re doing. Answer with a smile.

If you like the results after one week….Lather, Rinse and Repeat !

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