Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making A Hot Lunch Results

Well, yesterday was the big lunch at my children's school I was in charge of.  It went really well.  And if you read my post on Tuesday, I was fretting about how much spaghetti to make for 100 students and teachers.

And... I was worrying for no reason.  I had plenty of food.  The only thing that got all ate up was the rolls.  Even the jelly was plenty.  Here is the amounts of food that we served.

Spaghetti -10 lbs. uncooked
8 lbs. would have been plenty

Peas - 20 lbs.
14 lbs. would have been plenty

Rolls - 4 pks Martin's Party Rolls and 2 pks Martin's Dinner Rolls
sufficient amount.  The children kept coming back for more.

Cherry Delight - 3 9x13 pans
Blueberry Delight - 3 9x13 pans
We had 1 full pan of each leftover and I can't remember which kind had a 1/4 pan left and the other kind had a good 1/2 left.  So 4 pans would have been sufficient, but 5 pans would be a more comfortable amount, because each meal varies sometimes on how much they eat.  I don't like cutting it too close that I have to worry I'm going to run out while the meal is being served.

We buttered the rolls and put the jelly on the tables.  For some reason, not too many used the jelly.  Usually children really like jelly.  Maybe because it was not homemade.

So next time, I need to relax and rest assured that my aunt is right.  One large 18 qt. roaster does feed 75 people and apparently spaghetti suppers must serve it by the plateful.  We gave large 1 cup or more servings and still had plenty.

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