Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roses, Roses, Roses

Do you like roses?

Every woman naturally likes to receive roses, especially red roses. I like roses too, but any bouquet is special.

Different colors of roses mean different things, or so they say. I found a very comprehensive list here.   I also will condense it for you-

Red- Love

White- Purity

Pink- Admiration

Yellow- Friendship

Orange- Desire

Peach- Appreciation

Lavender- Love at first sight

Black- Farewell

Now, if you have never received roses or any other kind of flowers from someone, don't feel bad. Give a bouquet to someone you think alot of and you will get a special blessing for it.

Roses come with all different price tags. You have roses delivered from FTD Florists, you have roses from the local florist shop, and you have roses from the grocery store or pharmacy. All of them are special when given from the heart. The price tag means nothing other than a more showy bouquet. 

I have dried most of my roses.  It is very simple.  As soon as they start drooping their heads, rubberband the stems together and hang them together upside down for several weeks.  Put them in a vase and you can still enjoy your roses for years.


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