Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring Spring Inside!

Did you know that you can force flowers from spring blooming bushes?

Last Saturday, I cut these 3 sprigs from my Forsythia bush.  The only thing on them were the buds. 

This is from a new bush that I had planted a couple years ago.  I had planted just a short piece and now I have a bush.  In fact, this is the first blooms, so I was really pleased when the buds opened into flowers!

You can force any Spring blooming bush like Forsythia, magnolia, crabapple, azalea, or spirea. These are just a few of the bushes that flower in the spring. 

Now is a good time to force blooms because the buds are already swelled and preparing to flower.  So as soon as the rain stops, check your bushes and trees for flower buds and bring some Spring into your home!

What kind of blooms do you like in the Spring?

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Anonymous said...

I brought forsythia branches in and they bloomed - which was a nice suprise! I love decorating with with them.

Frugal Pals said...

Thanks for reading our blog. I also brought crab apple branches in and am anxiously waiting to see if it blooms leaves or flowers!


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