Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plant Clearance at Lowes!

Still need some more plants for your flower bed?  Go to Lowes in Shippensburg!  They have 4 pack annuals for $.50, Asiatic Daylillies for $2, and Pincushion flowers for $1.

The flowers are a little spent on these daylillies, but have a bud or two yet to bloom.  It is worth to wait until next year for a full display because I saw these same lillies (except in a nicer pot) for around $8.  There is three in a pot so since I bought three, I have 9 lillies for $6!  I usually buy three because I heard a rule that you always do odd numbers especially three. 

Here are some pictures of my younger sister's bargain buys.

$1 Gerbera Daisy

$1 Geranium in a $1Pfalzcraff dish
The $5 plant stand was gold now painted black.
This is her project in progress!  Her goal is to fill it with clearance plants.

This is an ivy plant that I bought on clearance last fall.  It looked pretty rough over winter, but I finally got it looking better!  I think I only paid one dollar for it.

So what do you think?  Is it worth it to buy on clearance?

Also, I'd like your opinion on planting in groups of three!

Now, on a different note-
We wanted to get the charcoal buy one get one free deal  when we were at Lowes and they were all out.  The Lowes associate told us to order and pay for it at the register and we will still get the deal when it comes in.  How good is that? 


Pam said...

I gotten some great buys on perennials at Lowes in Chambersburg--never paid more than $3 for them. Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em comin'!

Gina said...

I totally think it is worth buying a plant on clearance. I do check to make sure it is not pot bound, but especially perennials, they will come back looking better than ever! My best buy was Knock-out Roses for $1.00 several years ago. They are huge and lovely. Wish I could find that bargain again!

And though I often don't follow it (trying to sandwich in more variety of plants) I do think the rule of three looks best.

Elaine Forrester said...

I didn't buy in groups of three because I am filling in what is already there. I did get two geraniums that just needed dead headed and the dead leaves picked off. I also got two black eyed susan's,and 3 more various plants. All of those were a dollar each.


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