Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Butchering Deer

This post is not necessarily a tutorial on how to butcher a deer, but I thought I would share my experience about deer butchering.

We have 5 boys in our family and their dad enjoys hunting.  All of our boys have tried their hand at hunting of some sort.  They have hunted small game, wild tukeys, pheasants, and of course, deer.  The deer being the main animal hunted. 

One son seems to have eagle eyes and he can spot the deer fairly well.  Another son seems to be able to get one every year.  Another son shot the first turkey when he was about 13.  The youngest son is not old enough yet, but he can still hunt through the mentoring program.  He even has his own bow. So they each have their talents in hunting in different ways.

Years ago, we always took the deer to the butcher shop to be butchered.  But after awhile, I realized that we could do this butchering thing ourselves.  So the deer would come home and the boys and their dad would do the skinning and then mom would do most of the butchering.  One day, I ended up doing four deer by myself and after that it was a family project!

Butchering is not that hard.  You can do it as long as you have a sharp knife.  (By the way, I am sporting a band-aid on my finger!)

My tenderloin is not butterflyed. But my roasts are boneless. I also grind my own hamburger. 

My theory is this-Why pay $100 for a small box of meat, when I can do it myself.  No, my meat does not look professional, but it chews the same!

Do you do your own butchering?  Any questions about how to butcher a deer?  I would love to hear!

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Elaine Forrester said...

We butcher our own. I hate it but am too cheap to pay someone else. Besides, then you know that you have your own meat and all the yucky stuff is out of it. I also will can some too. we do hamburger, roasts, tenderloin, and then can the rest.


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