Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Family Dollar is one of the stores that I don't very often take the time to check out for good bargains.  Yesterday, I did that and found 2 racks of summer clothes on sale for $3.  Also garden accessories for 40% off among other items.  The best bargain I found was a bag of Lysol 4 in 1 all purpose cleaner (100 oz.) for $3.  You can pour it in your bucket or fill a spritz bottle. For a 32 oz. trigger bottle it was $3.00. So I thought that was a great savings. 

The other good item was a bag of individual packaged Snyder Pretzels. It was 10 - .5oz each, bags for $1. Pretzels are better for a child's lunch than a bag of chips. Price wise, maybe not a great deal, but it is a nice size for the kids lunches.

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