Saturday, August 21, 2010


If you wonder how someone gets alot at CVS without spending alot of money, here's how.  First go to to sign up to get specials through email.  You will recieve a printable coupon for $4.  Next  go to the store and sign up for a Extra Care Card.  It is free and you will be able to use it immediately.  Then, when you buy certain items, you will recieve extra care bucks known as ECBs.  You will use them the same as cash.  For this week, you will only do one transaction.  For the first time or so, you will only want to buy a few items so it's not so confusing and you will be more comfortable.  Let me show you how:

    Buy a Gillette Proglide razor for $9.99
    Buy Blink tears for                     $7.99
    Use coupon  for razor
                 8/1 P&G insert                -$4.00
    Use $1.50 off printable coupon -$1.50
    Use coupon for signup email     -$4.00
                          You pay              $8.48
    You will recieve in ECBs           $12.99
                          to use next week
   It is the same as getting your razor and the tears for free!

   Let me know how you do at CVS!      

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