Tuesday, September 7, 2010


There is a new consignment shop in Shippensburg.  It is in the back room at Baer's Garden Center along Roxbury Rd. It is just not very big, but it has a lot of baby clothes, decorative items, books, and some baby furniture like strollers, etc.  There is some women's clothes.  There is not very many older children's clothes and very little men's clothes.  The prices are very reasonable.  Baby blankets are $1. Small shirts are $1.  If you needed baby clothes, it might be the place to go. 

The hours for the consignment shop are the same as the garden center.  They are as follows-
     Monday - Thursday : 7:30-7:00
     Saturday - 7:30-5:00
Consignments are accepted at anytime.

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