Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giant Sale Price Policy!

Last evening, I got a pleasant surprise!

I decided at the last minute to buy teacher appreciation gifts (Today is the last day of school).  I went into Giant to buy a plant for my son's teacher.  I found this unique Orchid that I thought would be suitable for him and proceeded to checkout.  At checkout, the price rang up for $9.99 and I questioned her about whether it was on sale.  She said that it did not come up on sale and sent the bagger to check the price.  He brought back the sale notice that was hanging up.  The sale price was $7.99.  The clerk notified a manager who said it was FREE! 

Giant has a policy that if the machine rings up a wrong price, it is FREE!  How good is that?

The only thing that confused me was that she never scanned my Bonus card.  I mentioned it a couple times that I didn't have my card and dug around in my purse for it.  But she never asked for it.

So was the machine wrong?  Or did she make a mistake?

One thing I do know-  if the machine is wrong, you get the product FREE.  So know your prices and question if you think the price is wrong.  You might get it FREE!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it is the same at Weis too. It pays to 'pay attention' at the checkout.


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