Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Lion Deals

Bounty Paper Towels $7.99 (limit 4)
use $1.00/1 coupon ( exp.10/31/10)
Final Price $6.99 (stock-up price)

Charmin Bath Tissue $4.99 ( limit 4)
use $1.00/1 coupon ( exp. 11/30/10)
Final Price $ 3.99

Tide $8.99
use coupon $1.00/1 ( exp.10/31/10) or use coupon $.75/1 ( exp.11/30/10)
Final Price $7.99 or $7.49  (stock-up price) (limit 4)

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner $3.00
use coupon $1.00/2
Final Price $2.50

Clorox $.99
use $1.00/3
Final Price $.65

Kellogg's Pop Tarts or Cap' N Crunch $1.50

The following products are part of the Food Lion BOGO Extravaganza  advertised to be their biggest BOGO of the year.

Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters 10 lb. BOGO $7.80
Final Price $.39/ lb. (stock-up price)

Value Pack Ground Chuck BOGO

Half, boneless Poek Loin BOGO

Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon BOGO limit 2 free

2 liter Coke Products BOGO

Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese BOGO $2.79/2
use coupon $1/2 ex. 11/7/10
final price $1.80/2 (stock up price)

Philadelphia Soft Cream cheese BOGO 2/$2 limit 2 free

Oscar Mayer Lumch Meats BOGO limit 2 free
use coupon $1/2

Country Time Lemonade BOGO limit 2 free

Crystal Light Drink Mix BOGO limit 2 free

Kraft or Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce BOGO limit 2 free

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner BOGO limit 2 free

Kingsford Charcoal BOGO limit 2 free
7.9-8.3 lb bag
use coupon $2.50/2 when purchased w/ meat

Kraft American Singles BOGO limit 2 free $2.59/2
use coupon $1/2 ex. 11/7/10
final price $1.59/2 (stock up price)

Nabisco Nilla Wafers BOGO $3.19/2  limit 2 free

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! BOGO $3.69/2 limit 2 free

Maxwell House Coffee BOGO limit free
 use coupon $1/2 ex. 11/7/10

Ritz Crackers BOGO $3.69/2 limit 2 free

Planters Peanuts and Planters Flavor Grove BOGO limit two free

Kraft Mayo and Miracle BOGO limit 2 free  $3.99/2
use coupon $1/2 ex. 11/7/10
final price $1.50 (stock up price)

Kool-Aid Drink Mix BOGO 8/$1
use coupon-buy 10 packets and get 4 free
final price $1.25/14 packets

Broccoli, large bunch BOGO 2/$1.99 (stock up price)

Green Bell Peppers BOGO 2/$.89 (stock up price)

Grape Tomatos, dry pint, BOGO 2/$2.49

Peeled Carrots, 1 lb. BOGO 2/$1.75 (stock up price)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese's Puffs or Frosted Cheerios BOGO limit 2 free
use Cheerios coupon $1/2  ex. 10/30/10 and
use Cinnamon Toasted Crunch coupon $1/2 ex. 10/30/10

Deer Park Aquapod 8pk 11oz BOGO limit 2 free 2/$2.79

Smart Option Soda 3 liter BOGO limit 2 free

Ronzoni Pasta Cuts BOGO 2/$1.59

Taco Bell Dinner Kits BOGO 2/$2.99

Other Sales

Always Pads or Liners $2.99
use coupon $2/1
final price $.99

Reynold's Wrap $2.99
use coupon $1/1 ex. 10/31/10
final price $1.99

Right Guard Deodorant BOGO

As always, check your coupon stach for other coupons not listed and let me know about them!
This is a very good stock up week at Food Lion!


Carla said...

hey just thought i should add in the on the 3 day sale at food lion they also have caption crunch cereal for 2 for 3.00 there is a coupon for 1.00 off 2 = 1.00 a box .

Frugal Pals said...

Thanks for the tip!!


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