Friday, September 10, 2010

How to jumpstart getting organized

   For the last two years, I had taught school part time.  For those two years, I had found it very hard to get organized and get everything done.  This year my job was cut because of lack of funds.  I adjusted to that idea and now I need to dig around in some corners that were neglected.  I also want to get back onto the Motivated Moms schedule. 

   But first, I felt like my kitchen needed a jump start.  So my younger sister and I decided to get together and help each other clean out our kitchen cupboards.  We did one kitchen for day each.  Well, we didn't get completely done, but it did give a nice start and also a nice feeling to have something clean. 

    It also is nice to have someone else to tell you "Throw it away!" We each had one of those Pampered Chef oil spray bottles that no longer worked.  So in my younger sister's  kitchen, I said "Throw it away!"  When it got to my kitchen, she looked at me and said,"Throw it away!"

   We both ended up putting some things in a yard sale box, mostly containers no longer being used.  My younger sister acquired my waffle maker that I rarely use.   So that can happen too. 

   My sister also helped my find some homes for things.  I did not have a place for my potatoes nor for my bread and rolls.  So we moved out a bunch of dishes that I use very seldom to the attic which left some space.  Then I found 2 baskets that fit very nicely in my cupboard for my potatoes and bread.  Putting potatoes in a basket instead of the bag helps keep them longer.  (That was a tip from my younger sister.)

My younger sister enjoys her plastic container cupboard!  She was able to get rid of containers she didn't use and ended up with room for the lunch boxes instead of them being on top of the refriderator.

All in all, it was a very big help to have help and it was 2 enjoyable days that I got to spend with my sister.

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