Friday, September 3, 2010

My Groceries


                        This week I went to CVS spent  $5.00 and got $5.00 ECB for next week.

 Next was Food Lion. Soda was on sale for $2.00 so I got 10 packs. I  only showed one. 
                                                    Total spent $23.31.

                                                    Total saved $19.90


                                    Next trip was Weis. I got 2 Turkey Hill IC, 5lb of potatoes, spaghetti, pasta, Koolaide, lemonade, 2 pounce cat treats, 2 cans of Whiskas, 2 ragu pizza sauce, 3 Chi-Chi tortillas, 3 Gain dish soap (got 10 bottles now should last til next sale), 2 pantene, mustard, 2 pudding ( only one pictured, my husband ate the other one). 2 cans of Tuna, Chedder Bacon Dip, 2 bags of Gordon's Fish, 1 bottle of ketchup, 2 packs of sliced provolone cheese, 2 ballpark hotdogs, Sunlight dishwasher soap, 4 loaves of bread, 4 packs of rolls.
                                                                      Total spent $74.56
                                                                      Total saved $53.73

      Target I did't get a picture taken before the stuff was put away. I got 5 boxes of granola bars, tide, Ibuprofin, Axe body wash.
                                                                   Total spent $34.93
                                                                   Total saved $ 8.26

I spent a little more than what I normally would in a week, but I had the money and I was stocking up on Ronnie's soda so that next week I wouldn't have to pay full price.

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