Friday, September 3, 2010

This is an article that someone gave to me.  Read it and if you can find some helpful tidbit, very well!

                                                         SUPERMARKET SAVVY
                                               by Linda A. Burton, Extension Educator

"Impulse buying"-
purchasing inspired by marketing ploys.

    Do you give in to impulse buying?  Are you aware of supermarket tecniques that may push you to buy more than you planned?
    Here are some examples:
-End of aisle displays to catch your eye
-"2 fer" sales.   You can buy one item and still get the sale price (frugalpals note-except buy one get one free. One frugal pal did that with ice cream. a duh moment!)
-cooking demo samples
-advertised specials can be tempting
-in-store coupons may encourage you to buy
1. USE A SHOPPING LIST and stick to it.  You knew what you needed when you left the house1
2. Take advantage of sales and specials and coupons for food and supplies you USUALLY USE.
3. Be aware, deep a list if necessary, of the regular price of some of your normal purchases.  ON SALE does not always mean a lower price.
4. Buy essentials and staples first, snacks, and "extras" if you have enough money left.
5. Stock up only if you can afford it.  Most foods and staples go on sale every couple months.
1. Concentrate on shopping the perimeter of the store-that's where the healthiest foods are-fruits and vegetables, freshneat, poultry and fish, dairy products and bread.
2.Instead of buying convenience foods, cook enough for 2 nights and freeze or chill the second meal.
3. Use the food label as much as possible: to avoid foods with hydrogenated fats

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