Saturday, September 11, 2010


This week I bought things a little here and a little there.  This is where I went and what I got.  I stayed under my budget of $150.

I went to Country Pantry, a local bulk food store.  I don't normally shop here because the prices are higher.
But this week I needed jar sealers, gallon size bags, and Therm-flo.  I spent $19.76.

This is food I got from a local family that takes orders once a month from Denver Wholesale Foods.  I  can get some food in bulk cheaper.   Not everything is cheaper, sometimes it's handy to have it on hand.  Also I watch expiration dates, esp. ice cream.  I bought 6 Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks IC for $6.60, 6 Edy's PB Cup IC for $9.90, 2 buckets of Blue Bunny French Vanilla for $5.50, 12-1 lb packs of Baltimore Crab Co. Breaded Fish Nuggets for $13.86.  My total came to $39.45 which included a 10% handling fee.

Food Lion had Tide on sale for $9.97.  I bought two, because I had 2 $1 off coupons.  I also bought
Oscar Mayer hotdogs which were B1G1 free.  I also bought two because my coupon was get $1/2. 
This brought by total to $21.52.  My savings was $13.04

My CVS trip got my a Hdro 5 razor and Hdro shaving gel for $4.21.  The razor had a free shaving gel
coupon on it, and I had a $5 coupon for the razor.  My ECBs for this first transaction was $4.00. My
second transaction I bought Exedrin that was on sale for $10.69 for 100 geltabs.  I used my $4 ECBs
and $1.50 coupon and paid $5.19.  I recieved $5 in ECBs to use next week.  I didn't have andy ECBs
to use on my first transaction, so I did not make the $5 CVS challenge.  My total expense was $9.40.
I saved $15.51     

I did also stop in Kmart and picked up 3 Sunny Delight orange juice.  It was on sale for $1 each.  Plus a 3 pack of chap stick.  My total there was $6.99.

So my total for the week was $90.13.  I saved $30.92 according to the cash register reciepts.  I actually would have saved more if I would have included the original prices of the frozen food I bought.      
                                                                                - Older Sister

This week I had a $100 to spend on my groceries. That is $20 more than I normally have, so when my sister had to go to Hagerstown for homeschooling books, I rode along so I could go to Sam's club. I like to go about once a month mainly for my cheese. Most grocery stores around here can't beat Sam's Club's cheese prices. I usually can get it for $2.00 /lb. I also like to stock up on my cake decorating items like 10x sugar, crisco, and my flour. For the most part I would say that if you are watching sales and shopping with coupons it is better to go to the grocery store.

                                                                                                                 - Younger Sister

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