Saturday, September 11, 2010


You know, my husband and I have been married for 21 years. We have lived
in 6 different houses, one of them a doublewide and one a singlewide. In each
of these houses, my decorating kind of stayed somewhat the same. My tastes
go toward the country flavor. But through the years, that country flavor took on
different versions. Right now, my decorating would have a antiquishness, I guess.

Well, to get to my point. I am re-thinking my kitchen decorations. I like to have
some things hanging around, but sometimes it feels like clutter. Especially since
I have a clutter problem anyhow.

So in my kitchen, I have old beams across the ceiling with part of the ceiling
being open to a loft. On one wall, I have old barn boards. I like the old boards.
On these old boards, I have hung different things like iron skillets, granite strainer,
gadgets, etc.

But I am getting tired of the "stuff" hanging on the wall. Some of it, is nice. But
it seems cluttered. So I took everything down.

Now I am going to see what I (or my family) will miss hanging on there. Maybe
I will like it bare.  You can give me your opinion.


Roger&Elaine said...

It needs something. I am with you on not liking alot of wall clutter..and trying to get rid of my other clutter. Maybe it is in the genes?huh?LOL! Anyway, how about one of those old window frames with some sort of dried arrangement fastened somehow on the sill of the frame?


Frugal Pals said...

Thanks for the idea! I used to have an old window with a mirror in it there. Maybe it's time to bring it back down out of the attic! Thanks again for sharing!! Voni

kys1972 said...

I would likely try a pine swag from one light to the other, pulled up in the middle and maybe put your window / mirror in the center under where the swag is pulled up???

Frugal Pals said...

Thanks for the idea! I had found a yellow forsythia wreath at the
Goodwill that I have hanging there for now. Thanks again!


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