Monday, October 11, 2010


How do you do when you have a lot of company coming over?  Maybe you are so organized, it's just a matter of normal cleaning and making food.  Not me.  I usually have to work pretty hard.

 Through the years, I have done alot of big meals and had lots of company.  I have been in charge of family gatherings (about 25-30 people).  My husband and I were youth leaders for 2 years, so I had my share of food stands, youth conference meal and other youth meals.  I also was on the food committee for 2 years and that gave me experience with fellowship meals.  All in all, I enjoyed every minute of it.  Yes, I had my fair share of mistakes, but nothing too drastic (the worst was WAY too much food). 

One thing of the things I learned from my mother and that is "make a list."  Now my mother never had much company, but if she had a lot of things she wanted done, she made a list.  So like mother, like daughter, I make lists too.

Especially when company is coming or doing a big meal.  I usually have several lists, in fact. Supply lists, grocery lists, to do lists, take along lists(if meal is not at my house), etc.  These lists aren't always the most tidy lists, but I know what it is all about.

Even on days when I'm not having company, I sometimes make a list of things for the children to do.  It seems to make it easier for them to know what needs done. 

The list just helps me keep my head on straight.  I can get a little dizzy when under pressure, so the list helps me know exactly what to do and when and how.

Now a list is no good if I forget to add something to my list or I don't look at it. Because in spite of all my list making, I have still forgotten something.

Having company does get easier the more I do it.  Sometimes, depending on the occasion, I don't have as many or as big of a list.  I don't forget as much either.  (I am in charge of my family's Thanksgiving meal, so maybe my younger sister can tell you what blumbers I do.)

This is my list for the baby shower.  I am not making any food which makes my job easier.
 1. Wash windows
 2. Scrub carpet
 3. Scrub kitchen floor and bathroom floor by hand
 4. Clean upstairs
 5. Clean porches
 6. Clean laundry room
 7. Clean out desk
 8. Finish painting Living Room
 9. Clean kitchen
10. Clean Living Room
11. Clean fridge

This list is somewhat general.  Sometimes I get a little more detailed.  Like for cleaning kitchen,  I might have wipe off cupboards, dust walls, wipe chairs, sweep webs. 

I hope you find this helpful.  I don't feel like I am the final authority on entertaining, but I have done alot of it, and I enjoy it.  Even after working really hard and I am tired and the party is soon over, there is great satisfaction afterward knowing you did something for somebody.

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