Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do you borrow anything from anybody?

I sometimes borrow an item from my mother in a pinch.  For instance, I recently recovered cloth seats on 4 dining room chairs.  I knew we had a staple gun.  But what I didn't know was, I needed shorter staples than my husband normally uses.  The staples just wanted to jump out of the wood and not go into it.  So I called my mother(who else?).  She has done these types of things before.  She told me I needed shorter staples.  We did not have any so I borrowed hers. 

When I was done with it, I could not return it immediately because she lives 10 minutes away.  It is not practical to always jump into my vehicle and go right away.

So where does it belong until it suits to return borrowed items?  Usually on my counter or some other convenient place.  Now once it sits on that countertop for several days, it becomes part of the scenery. Blending in makes me forget about returning it.  Does that make sense?

Maybe not if you are not a cluttery person.  But that is what happens to me.

So, I'm throwing the question out to you.  What do you do with the things you borrow?  Do you have a special cupboard or drawer you put it until it is time to return it?  I need your ideas in this area. 


YoungMommy said...

Personally, I put it on my "To Do" list..and then I put the item in an odd place, so when I'm going around cleaning I think "Why is that there? Oh, because I need to return it." Putting it in some place that kind of annoys you every time you go past is a constant reminder that it doesn't belong.

Anonymous said...

I like to put it in the van. I used to just sit it by the door and I would walk right by it and forget it. I also have a certain place I put my stuff for church and I will put it there so as not to forget it...or I tell everyone else in the family and hope they remind me..:)

Gina said...

I have a small box in a closet right by my kitchen. I put anything in it that goes to someone. I try to remember to check this box before I go to my moms or church. This box has saved me so much time because I always know where to find an item and I USUALLY don't forget to check the box since I've had this method for years and it is habit to check it. Though I do admit that there has been items that have languished in the box for months until returned.

It has worked wonderful for me! Sometimes if an item is very important that it MUST get somewhere a particular day, especially if I know we are leaving early and I will probably have a frantic morning, I put it in the van the night before. But I don't like just storing anything in the van until I happen to go there again, or the van will get cluttered.

I also have a box of stuff that goes to giveaway - like to CAM. I keep adding to the box until it gets full.



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