Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Letter

My husband's family has an unique thing going on now for probably almost 20 years.  It does not seem that long, and it's something I inwardly groan about every month.  But in reality, I like it.

It is called a Family Letter.  Now that doesn't sound so profound, unless you enjoy letter writing.  After all these years, I still get so busy that I forget when the time comes to write my letter.

My husband's family is a little scattered.  We have 5 "local" families, 2 families in Ohio, 1 family in Lebanon Co., and 1 family in Juniata Co.  So the purpose of the "Family Letter" is to keep in touch (duh! isn't that what a letter is about?).  Anyway, it is to keep the family informed since we don't get together very much, especially with the "Away" families.

This how it works.  Around the 1st of the month, one person from each family will sit down and write a letter addressed to "Family".   The letter consists of things that have happened to each during the month and any anecdotes of the family members.  Then each will mail or fax their letter to my husband's sister in OH, who  will make 8 copies, put them in envelopes and mail to each family.  We then receive them in the mail to enjoy!!

What unique thing does your family do that has been done for years?  I would love to pass it on.

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