Saturday, October 9, 2010

John Rine's Fabric

There is a fabric store in town on Fayette Street in Shippensburg.  Most of you might know about it.  But it has undergone some subtle changes.  It is located in a big garage type store with shelves and racks of fabric and is named Shippensburg Fabric Outlet, most commonly called John Rine's(owner). 

He has anything from upholstery to cottons to polyester-type fabrics.  He also has alot of laces and zippers(very short), and many buttons.  You can also find an assortment of fleece. 

Right now he has a nice selection of gingham check of several colors.  It seems a better quality than you would get at Wal-Mart. 

When I asked the price of  a piece of upholstery, the woman(who seemed to be in charge) said it goes by the weight.  The heavier upholstery was $4.50 and some of the lighter wieght was $4.00.

The price of the check was $1.50 per yard.  Good price, but if you buy the whole bolt of 10 yards, the price was $1.00 per yard.  Very affordable for sewing circles or to make cheery comforts or quilts for your own use.

The subtle changes were:

It was cleaner.

It seemed more organized.

It was more tastefully decorated.

I do not sew so much as I don't have time.  But if I need to make a tablecloth or curtains and want to go a cheaper route, I go to John Rine's.

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