Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freezer Meals Part Three

We usually have some work before the Big Day.  We brown hamburger, and chop any other meat.  (Confession: this meat was chopped on the Big Day ) Our cheese is all shredded (we buy it that way).  Any thing like that needs done before hand.

Now the big day has arrived.  We do something most of you will think is crazy, but we start at 4:30-5:00 AM.  We can get more done in those few hours than we can in the same amount of hours later on in the day.  No distractions-no phone ringing, no husbands or children wanting something.  Just hurry, scurry, "What should we do next?" 

It is a day that makes us very tired.  But the satisfaction of putting all that food in the freezer is a good feeling.  No more wondering "What should I make?"  No more slapped meals on the table.  Just good down-home cooking that your family will enjoy.

We have learned some things about freezer cooking.  We have learned that most anything can be frozen.  Alot of people question freezing recipes with milk in it.  We do it every time.   It might get a littler watery, but not enough to matter.  Bake it up and you would never know the difference.

Some meals freeze well in a gallon bag.  Others freeze better in a 9x13 size plastic container.  Rubbermaid has one called "Take Along" that works very well for this.  We have found these work better than tinfoil pans.  Tinfoil gets holes in the bottom and not nice to clean.  Plastic can break when cold.  But if we are careful when moving them around in the freezer, they last longer than tinfoil.

If you are freezing a layered casserole like Lasagna, do not let it thaw in the "Take Along".  Just dump it into a same size glass pan when frozen and everything stays intact.  Works wonderful.

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