Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions

  Are you still busy getting ready for Christmas?? I was just thinking about what all needs to be done yet, and my mind wandered to Christmas Traditions. What are yours?  Do you have any?  Every year I think I am going to add in some, because in all reality I don't have that many. But I thought I would share some and maybe you could share some of yours.

  Usually to start the Christmas Season, the tree has to go up. This year, I told the kids we are starting a new tradition. The Saturday after Thanksgiving will be the day we put up the tree. They love to help decorate the tree. I never have one that looks like you see in the store but it is fun to reminisce about when and where they got each ornament. Hopefully, each year they can look forward to knowing that is when we will have a tree.                                

 Second of all, I love to exchange gifts with my kids. There is something about seeing your kids opening gifts and their eyes light up when they see the gift they have been talking about for months. I never realized that maybe this is a tradition. But not everyone can give gifts. So I am thankful to be blessed to be able to give my kids gifts.

      I always give my kids new warm PJ's. on Christmas Eve. Usually I try it coordinate it with what ever they are into that year. One year my boys watched a lot of Scooby Doo, so for Christmas, they got Scooby Doo fleece PJ's.

 Also, I like to read the Christmas Story and have a discussion about it on Christmas Eve. It is a reminder to my kids what  the real reason for Christmas is.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! What are your traditions??

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