Friday, February 11, 2011

My Glenwood Foods Experience

Glenwood Foods is a discount grocery store just outside the town of Greencastle, Pa.  It has most everything a regular grocery store has.

I was there a while back and was not too impressed with their prices.  Now, this week, I got the opportunity to go there again.  This time I was impressed with their prices.  I had a very limited amount of time, so I could not check every item. 

But the cheese prices were good and so were the prices of margarine and butter.  Cheese prices were around $2/lb.  Velveeta cheese was $2.99 for a 2lb box.  I got Land O Lakes margarine for $.79/lb.  Butter was $2.89/lb.

As far as produce goes, we bought big 50lb bags of potatoes for $13.50.  They also had 10 lb bags for $2.99.  Heads of lettuce were $.89 each which were a little small.  I don't remember the price of carrots, but I think they were comparable to other stores. 

Do you like California Oranges?  Glenwood Foods has them too.  You can buy them by the case for   $17.95.  I think that price was just for this week.  Usually I pay $20.

So I have now changed my mind.  I would like to go there some more, especially for cheese.

Have you ever been to Glenwood Foods?  What bargains do you get shopping there?

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