Monday, February 14, 2011

When Do You Grocery Shop?

When do you usually do your grocery shopping? 

Do you go first thing in the week?

Or do you go as a family on Friday nights?

Maybe Saturday morning works for you so that hubby can stay with the children?

Or do you just fit it in with other errands?  That is usually what happens to me.  A stop here and a stop there.

I had thought Thursday Morning would  be a good time to do my grocery shopping.  But so far it has not happened that way.  It all depends on what is happening in the week. 

This week, my other sister and I are making up freezer meals.  The plan was to go grocery shopping on Monday while the children were in school.  My 10 year old ended up at the doctor's office on Monday morning with strep throat (something my children never get).  So grocery shopping and cooking are pushed off to when my child is better.   

The advantages of going early in the week is to get there before the shelves get empty of the good sales.  The advantages of going later in the week is to take care of any unexpected plans or company for the weekend.

So I ask YOU- When do you grocery shop-the beginning of the week or the end or the middle???  Just leave a comment and let us know what works for you and any good tips that you have found to make your shopping workable.  Thanks for commenting!

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