Monday, September 20, 2010

Giant Coupon Policy

Saturday I went to Giant to stock up on Ragu spaghetti sauce. It was on sale for 4/$5 which I had 11 coupons to get $.60 off. Doubling them would have given me $1.20 off of two. My total should have been $14.30. I noticed that only one coupon doubled. After the cashier was done and handed my receipt I went to the service desk to see what was the matter and was told it is there policy to only double one same coupon per day. Because I had bought the coupons off eBay (even at a good deal) if they weren't going to double them it wasn't worth it. Has anyone else ran into this problem?


rolamarfarm said...

My SIL shops at the Giant in Fulton County.. and she just told me that she has found out it is their policy there as well. She said she was told that the policy "reserves the right" to limit double coupons. Grrr!! Their double coupon policy is useless if it only doubles one.

Frugal Pals said...

My younger sister looked up their policy and yes, they reserve the right to limit quantities. Makes stocking up very hard and more inconvenient-more trips to the store.


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