Friday, March 18, 2011

Coupon Project is Done!!

I am finished!

My coupon project is now done! 

Here it is-

It ended up being a little different than what I had at first planned.  But I think it will be more efficient and easier to handle than this-

My original plan (actually this is my other sister's idea) was to use fabric envelopes for each category like the ones my sister had made in my cash envelope system.  But I liked the idea of my younger sister using folded cardstock so I found plastic index dividers at the Dollar Tree.  After a little trimming to fit, I had a plan. (I also did not relish the idea of sewing 50 envelopes!)

I sewed the bag to put them in following some instructions on how to make your own re-usable grocery bag.  Maybe someday I will make one or two of those.

I did make 6 fabric envelopes as an experiment.  I will put them in the back for each of my stores (Giant, Food Lion, CVS, Weis, Rite Aid) and one for restaurant coupons. 

So what do you think? 

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