Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Coupon Binder

If you are thinking about using a coupon binder to sort your coupons, go here to get a free one.  Then buy baseball card or business card pocket pages to file your coupons.  You can sort by alphabetically by brand or categorize by kind.  Personally, I categorize by kind. 

You also can download pages of categories from Raining Hot Coupons.  She also has a video on how to do make a coupon binder. 

Right now, I use a box and it is stuffed full!  I can hardly get the lid on anymore.  I really contemplated switching to the binder way. But I have another plan up my sleeve. 

I think I will order this binder in case "my plan" doesn't work out!

How do you sort your coupons?  Do you use a "box" or a "binder"?

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Elaine Forrester said...

I use a box or a file folder. Binders seem to me to be harder to use ..ie..more time to put them in the "slot",etc. Or do I need to try something new?LOL!

Anonymous said...

I use the binder & baseball card protector... organize by aisle of my favorite coupon store, between each aisle I have pocket divider to put coupons in until I have the time to put them in the slot. I tried using the box method, but it didn't work for me. Seemed to time-consuming in the store. One of my friends using a cheap photo album.


Frugal Pals said...
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Frugal Pals said...

The box method can be time consuming, but I figure if I can keep my categories narrow enough, it will cut down on the time spent digging through them in the store. Thanks for your comments! We like to hear others' methods.

Lydia H said...

I use a pouch called a coupon organizer. It works, so so. I had to get a 2nd one, longer in size. The register coupons dont fit in the small one.The I carry it all in a ag with hadles, also in the bag are my 'green' bags.. I slip it into my thrity-one Cindy Tote bag purse and away we go..
I sort by cutimcategory.


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