Monday, August 23, 2010


Transaction #1-$9.39 with $5.00 BUCKS back.

Today I went to Shippensburg CVS. I went with a plan or so I thought. I was going to do scenario #2
of our other post. But when I got there all my deals I went for was sold out. No Blink tears drops or floss. So had to change plan. I went ahead and got my razor and then saw Hebal essence was on sale for $2.88. I had a BOGO coupon. Then I started to leave . I noticed Crest Prohealth mouth rinse 75% off making it $1.69. I remember a coupon out in the truck. So I paid for the things I had and ran out to get my coupon. It was $2/1. I would get it free plus overage. I added the ice pack which was $.99 and 33% off. The cashier told me they don't give more than the item is ( new to me) so I paid like $.72.                                    

Transaction #2- $.72

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