Thursday, August 26, 2010


Going yardsaleing can be a very good way to see your dollar bills stretch.  Some people have a yard sale to make money off of their things or even buy things to re-sale at a yard sale.  Some people have a yard sale to get rid of what they no longer need or want.  That's fine.  I, as a buyer, will go to a yard sale to get a good used item for a good price.  I try to never take advantage of the seller.  I will look at an item and if the price seems more than I am willing to pay or doesn't seem worth the price, I can either ask if the seller will take a lower price or walk away.  For example, last week, I went to a yard sale, and there was a lot of good, educational books for younger school age children.  The price was $2 for a hardback book, and $1 for a paperback book.  I was aware that our private school was looking for just such books.  I picked out 25-30 books and asked if the seller would do better on the price.  She told me she was a teacher and would be very glad to give them to me for 1/2 price.  I bought 30-40 books at a very reasonable price that I could donate to my school library.  It was a good feeling.  At another yard sale, I saw a child's scooter.  It was a little rusty but seemed in OK shape.  It did not have a price tag, so I asked.  My willing to pay price was $3.  The lady told me $10.  I did not really need another scooter, plus I can buy a brand new one for around $20.  So it was still there beside the tree when I went by on my way home.

Yard sales also are a good place to buy next-to-new clothing for especially babies.  You can find light-weight blankets($1 or less), bedding ,coats, etc.  I saw a snowsuit for a small baby for $2.50 and a sz. 3-6 mon. coat for $3.  Very nice condition.   I did buy a cute dress 12-18 mon. for $1.50.  It is nice enough to give away as a baby gift or some future grandchild.  Why pay $20 or more for something a baby will wear for a short time?  The older child can be outfitted usually depending on your style.  Jeans sometimes are harder to find in sizes 5 and up.  But if you perservere, you can still find them occasionally.  Look for the ads that list specif sizes.  My baby is 7 years old, so I also try to look for good quality clothes to send to a charity called Christian Aid Ministries.  It is very rewarding to take home a bagful for the poor.

I also keep my eyes open for things I cannot necessarily afford.  Last week, my friend bought a deepfryer with a basket for $4.  I could tell it was hardly used.  At the same yard sale, the seller had a silverware (not real silver) 12 pc. place setting set for $4.  Still new and shiny looking.  At another yard sale, I saw a nice big, 6 qt stainless steel crockpot for $6.  Very good prices.  I also bought a 10pc, 12" border stone(it was resin) flowerbed edging set for  $3. A few weeks ago, I bought drinking glasses for 10 cents a piece.  They were not the latest style (Holly Hobby, etc) but they drink the same.

Community yard sales can be a good way to get to alot of yard sales without spending a lot of time driving.  But they are not every week.  So when I look through the ads, I look for clothes, and specific items I could use. Also it is fun to see what I can find.  I have found good bargains at yard sales just by following signs.

So if you have never tried yard saleing, grab a paper and a friend or a daughter and have a enjoyable morning finding bargains!!

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