Monday, August 30, 2010

WOW! Clearance at Kmart!

I was just at Shippensburg Kmart and found these shoes.  The original price of $24.99 was marked down to $12.99.  Outside on a clearance rack of shoes was a sign that said, "Take another 50% off."  The clerk was ringing them up for $12.99.  So I asked if they were 50% off.  She called the shoe lady who said that the price was $2.49.  I was flabbergasted!!  She also said they just wanted to get rid of them.  So check out the clearance shoes and don't be afraid to ask.  You might get a better deal than you thought you were going to get!  Kmart also has racks of summer clothes outside for $3.99 and up. The deal of the week is a pack of 12 washclothes for $1.99.  Check it out and let me know about your good bargain at Kmart!

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