Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

      Labor Day to us is exactly what it says. Usually by this time our pool looks like this and needs put away for winter. Flower beds need weeded, outside toys put away, scrub porches, and get ready for winter. Today was no different. Except I also had laundry to do and salsa to make. ( I have a delicious recipe if anyone is interested.)
     First I had to run to make a quick run to town to pick up something for Ronnie. I decided to get my weekly budget money and go to CVS also.  I remembered that Lowe's has an awesome clearance section in their garden center. My sister and I have gotten houseplants and other flowers for around a $1.00. I guess when the flowers get ugly and  

they can't sell them, they mark them way down cheap. So I thought maybe they would have something to put in my flower beds I wanted to work on. I was looking for fall mums. I ran in the garden center and there was two carts with flowers on.

I got two mums for $.25. Also I got two Knock Out Roses for $3.50. Also the nice mums were BOGO free. So they came out to $.99 a piece. I also found on the clearance cart a basket to plant a indoor plant I got there previously for $1.50. I came home started to empty the pool, and worked the rest of the afternoon in my flower beds. I am still not done but I guess tomorrow is another day.

How did you spend your Labor Day??

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