Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you ever tired of the housecleaning every year?  Or are you like me, who is so busy that spring and fall come and go and the housecleaning never gets done?  Sometimes I get some of it done in spurts but some things just don't get done properly.  Well, Motivated Moms has a schedule that takes care of the hard work of housecleaning.  Everything gets done except things like scrubbing carpet.  She touches things like your fridge, cleaning lights, cleaning dishwasher door, etc.  It does not take alot of time.  You (me, too!)just have prioritize for it.  She also has a list of normal daily things like make beds, feed pets, etc. also as a reminder and a place to check mark it done.  It is a very good organizational tool for busy women.  There is a fee for it and it is copyrighted.  So it not something to share with your friends.  The schedule is made up for one whole year. You can print off one week's schedule at a time and have it out where you can see it.  The regular price is $8, but right now you can buy 2010 planner for half price $4.  She has different styles of the planner.  To go to her website, just click on the Motivated Moms link on the right to check it out.

Disclosure- we are compensated for each purchase of the planner.  But we are not paid for this review.

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